The Taking by Dean Koontz

The Taking

By Dean Koontz

  • Release Date: 2004-05-25
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 108 Ratings
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This ebook edition contains a special preview of Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner.

In one of the most dazzling books of his celebrated career, Dean Koontz delivers a masterwork of page-turning suspense that surpasses even his own inimitable reputation as a chronicler of our worst fears—and best dreams. In The Taking he tells the story of a community cut off from a world under siege, and the terrifying battle for survival waged by a young couple and their neighbors as familiar streets become fog-shrouded death traps. Gripping, heartbreaking, and triumphant in the face of mankind’s darkest hour, here is a small-town slice-of-doomsday thriller that strikes to the core of each of us to ask: What would you do in the midst of The Taking.

On the morning that will mark the end of the world they have known, Molly and Niel Sloan awaken to the drumbeat of rain on their roof. It has haunted their sleep, invaded their dreams, and now they rise to find a luminous silvery downpour drenching their small California mountain town. A strange scent hangs faintly in the air, and the young couple cannot shake the sense of something wrong.

As hours pass and the rain continues to fall, Molly and Niel listen to disturbing news of extreme weather phenomena across the globe. Before evening, their little town loses television and radio reception. Then telephone and the Internet are gone. With the ceaseless rain now comes an obscuring fog that transforms the once-friendly village into a ghostly labyrinth. By nightfall the Sloans have gathered with some of their neighbors to deal with community damage...but also because they feel the need to band together against some unknown threat, some enemy they cannot identify or even imagine.

In the night, strange noises arise, and at a distance, in the rain and the mist, mysterious lights are seen drifting among the trees. The rain diminishes with the dawn, but a moody gray-purple twilight prevails. Soon Molly, Niel, and their small band of friends will be forced to draw on reserves of strength, courage, and humanity they never knew they had. For within the misty gloom they will encounter something that reveals in a terrifying instant what is happening to their world—something that is hunting them with ruthless efficiency. Epic in scope, searingly intimate and immediate in perspective, The Taking is an adventure story like no other, a relentless roller-coaster read that brings apocalypse to Main Street and showcases the talents of one of our most original and mesmerizing novelists at the pinnacle of his powers.


  • taking

    By Am book reader
    beautifully written, the words compose images that take the reader to a different world. the plot is fascinating, but only a backdrop for the words.
  • Not his best

    By diogenese
    I've read a few of koontz's books and generally found them entertaining. I had to struggle to get through the this one, though. I consider myself to be pretty well read with a decent vocabulary, but I sometimes felt like I should have a dictionary handy while reading it. Much of the story details were unnecessary. An allegory for the biblical flood and cleansing could have been much more tersely written. No real need for all the fungi, creatures, molds, and organic space vehicles: It rained for a long time, flooded everything, few survivors, end of story. Plus there was no explanation as to why the ETs just left and returned the Earth to its normal state. It just ended.
  • Dean is pure genius.

    By Katiepaws
    This work has inspired me so much. He thinks outside the box in such a way that you find yourself never watching TV....again!
  • A must read

    By Varrassokvarrasso
    This book is great! Actually I don't think I've read one of his that isn't awesome !!!
  • Not his best

    By SnakeCharmer613
    I love Koontz's books, but I had a hard time buying this one - the story - and I was totally disappointed with the ending. I was hoping for something that would "make" the book and my time worthwhile. I didn't get it. It still entertains's Dean Koontz.
  • Awesome!

    By T-Rex1775
    Read this book in three days. One day I had called in sick to work because I just had to find out what happens. The ending blew my mind. I literally had brain matter hanging out one ear ;)
  • What Happens in the End?

    By Bilal1237877
    Can Anyone Tell me in details what happened in the end I didn't quite understand it. THANX!
  • The Taking

    By Joreader
    I've read at least 5 of Mr. Koontz works and I have to say I was surprised and very disappointed as I read The Taking. It's as if he wrote it hoping to sell it for yet another alien invasion B movie. Wow what a load of crap. Could tolerate the whole book. Please don't do this again.
  • Excessive Metaphors!

    By alysco2003
    Sometimes all you need to do is describe what's seen and go with it. When too many metaphors are made it takes from the story. I would get consumed by action and then feel I'm reading a thesaurus. I love Koontz but not this story.
  • Time crunch

    By Lil sleep
    Good book but very sudden ending.. Almost as if Mr. Koontz was on a deadline for the book..