Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

Smokin' Seventeen

By Janet Evanovich

  • Release Date: 2011-06-21
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4
From 1,720 Ratings
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Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.
Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but what is clear is that Stephanie’s name is on the killer’s list.

Short on time to find evidence proving the killer’s identity, Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it’s time for her to choose between her longtime off-again-on-again boyfriend, Trenton cop Joe Morelli, and the bad boy in her life, security expert Ranger. Stephanie’s mom is encouraging Stephanie to dump them both and choose a former high school football star who’s just returned to town. Stephanie’s sidekick, Lula, is encouraging Stephanie to have a red-hot boudoir “bake-off.” And Grandma Bella, Morelli’s old-world grandmother, is encouraging Stephanie to move to a new state when she puts “the eye” on Stephanie.

With a cold-blooded killer after her, a handful of hot men, and a capture list that includes a dancing bear and a senior citizen vampire, Stephanie’s life looks like it’s about to go up in smoke.

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg's The Heist.


  • Disappointing

    By Nuncianancy
    I found it difficult to get through this book. The first few stories in this series were wickedly funny and entertaining. The characters were being introduced and developed. At some point in the series the growth stopped and the stories became repetitive. Worst of all, I have grown to really dislike Stephanie Plum. The author has repeatedly stated that she is not going to make her main character choose between the two men in her life, Ranger and Morelli. In this story Stephanie has sex with both Morelli and Ranger. She just can't decide between them but she is sure she doesn't like her mother's pick, Dave Brewer. This woman is so annoying and a horrible example for single women. How many times do we have to read about Stephanie's unwavering attraction for Ranger? How many times do we have to read about her guilt at messing around with Ranger while she is in a relationship with Morelli? How are we supposed to believe that such a talented detective like Morelli cannot figure out that his girlfriend is having sex with another man? If he does know, how are we supposed to respect a man who has no problem his girlfriend having sex with another man? How are we supposed to like a supposedly successful man who only wants to have casual sex with our main character without any thought of commitment? How many times do we have to read about Stephanie's terrible job? This book was ridiculous. It makes no sense. What would make sense is having Stephanie realize that she is a really good investigator and should probably try to develop her natural talents into a career. I would accept her working for Ranger but would prefer that she set out on her own with Connie and Lula. I also prefer Morelli to Ranger as a boyfriend, but I would gladly accept Ranger if it meant that she would pick one. I can only hope the author will figure this out and finally give us something new and refreshing.
  • Smokin seventeen

    By Dzincia
    Not her usual.i like her first books better. More imagination at work,much more amusing. Characters are boring, going nowhere.she need to make a choice. I would pic Ranger,she need to explore his past. The bounty hunter need to broaden her horizons.i have book 18 but if it is not better ,I give up on Stephanie. Make me laugh again !!!!!!!!
  • Crap

    By MmmMattie
    Super disappointing and boring. Drivel is too high praise for this POS. And I love this series. Been reading her books for ten years.
  • Can't wait

    By mardee45
    I can't wait to read the next one! I swear these are the best most entertaining books ever! I find myself actually laughing out loud!
  • Easy, fun read

    By MonicaM1014
    I have yet to tire of this cast of characters and their antics! The only reason this book didn't get 5 stars is because it was absurdly obvious who the killer was right from the beginning and as ditzy as Stephanie & Lula often are this crossed the line into being obtuse.
  • Smokin Seventeen

    By haleeeygoesrawrr
    It was good as usual, but the sleeping with Ranger one day and Morelli the next is improbable, and like others have said, I knew who the killer was 1/3 way through the book. She needs to pick a guy for Stephanie and end the's getting repetitive.
  • Not too bad.

    By Jinxtoyou
    Back you her usual antics. Wasn't an amazing story but was we worth the buy.
  • smokin' seventeen

    By Nooch007
    Ok so where is the story about the trip???? There's not much in 18, so I'm disappointed but as always just love the book!
  • What happened to the suspense?!

    By Sweim
    I agree with Kat_09, the Stephanie I know wouldn't have slept with Ranger one day and Morelli the next. No suspense at all, I knew who the killer was right away! I could tell JE used a ghost writer on this book. Very sad. Won't buy the next book.
  • Great!

    By Caanita
    This book is reminiscent of the first five Plum books. It had the same amount of mystery, action, sex, bungling and laughs. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book!