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EnglishDong [HD 1080] [HD 720] China's greatest living filmmaker Jia Zhangke (Platform, The World) travels with acclaimed painter Liu Xiaodong from China to Thailand as they as they meet everyday workers in the throes of social turmoil. Liu Xiaodong is well-known for his monumental canvases, particularly those inspired by China's Three Gorges Dam project. In DONG, Jia Zhangke visits Liu on the banks of Fengjie, a city about to be swallowed up by the Yangtze River. The area is in the process of being "de-constructed" by armies of shirtless male workers who form the subject of Liu's paintings. Liu and Jia next travel to Bangkok, where Liu paints Thai sex workers languishing in brothels. The two sets of paintings are united in their subjects' shared sense of malaise in the face of the dehumanizing labor afforded them.
DeutschDong [HD 1080] [HD 720] Dong ist das filmische Portrait des chinesischen Malers Liu Xiao Dong. Er besuchte die Region am Drei-Schluchten-Staudamm und begann seine Ölgemälde-Serie "Hot Bed" vor der Kulisse des Flusses Yangtse am Fuß der Stadt Fenjie, die bald darauf geflutet wurde. Danach reiste er nach Thailand, wo ein Bild mit elf Barmädchen entstand. (Cover-Text)
普通话Dong [HD 1080] [HD 720] 2005年,贾樟柯陪朋友画家刘小东来到了这片孕育着华夏文明的三峡库区——四川奉节,感受着这里的风土人情。为了反映三峡移民10年巨变,刘小东特意选择了12名拆迁工人作为写生的模特,创作油画《温床》。他以赤裸的躯体反映着内心的坦诚与真实感,在与模特的交流中感受着库区人民的观念与情感。2006年,刘小东来到了泰国曼谷采风。在这个炎热的都市,刘小东深入到草台班子的女人中间,了解她们的生活状态。通过与12名模特的嬉戏、划船,刘小东捕捉到不同文化氛围中人的感情与生活的体验。本片是导演贾樟柯在拍摄《三峡好人》时的同期作品。